The Supreme Court: A Modest Proposal

Once again the nation has suffered through the process of a Supreme Court nomination. Having done so, we can now either sit back and wait in dread for the next one, or we can consider modification of probably the most divisive process in politics, save for presidential elections.   Senate Majority leader McConnell has played an instrumental role in moving the process to the point we are at today. His actions were taken not out of desire, but out of necessity. When your back is to the wall, it is either fight or flight. Hats off to McConnell for his decision to fight. The Garland non-review was a courageous position, one advocated by Democrats in the past. The decision to extend the Reid rule to SCOTUS nominees was also a sign of courage. These decisions though have been adamantly opposed by the opposition, but taking two sides on a position is part and parcel to the post for Democrats. As much as I approve of the results attained by McConnell’s actions, I am...(Read Full Article)