The Fake News Crisis

  This nation has faced many a crisis, but not since the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, ginned up by the Hearst media empire, have we had crisis of the current magnitude powered by fake news. Within living memory, in 1968, the Democratic Party had its convention in Chicago, Hubert Humphrey was their nominee, and there were riots in the streets.  Groups “demonstrated” against the Vietnam war, against the war’s escalation, and against the party itself for the ways of choosing its nominee. Events that happened that year were staggering, unprecedented, and tragic.  Anti-war protests were everywhere, Eugene McCarthy had led a successful insurgent campaign, and the Democratic Party was reeling from Lyndon Johnson not running for reelection.  Even worse, the country was trying to recover from the assassination of Martin Luther King ,along with the assassination of Robert Kennedy, events that were shattering the faith many...(Read Full Article)
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