Justice for Bill O’Reilly

As Bill O’Reilly has just learned, America has become a nation that punishes men who are charged by women with inappropriate behavior.  Convictions based on proof are not necessary – the charges are sufficient.  Members of the Duke Lacrosse team lost a great deal – their lives were tarnished forever – before it finally became clear that their accuser was making up her charges out of whole cloth.  Since that time, college leaders – as well as corporate board room executives – have not learned the lesson of Duke – that men are entitled to their day in court.  An allegation should be different than a conviction. However, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t need me to defend him, so I won’t.  O’Reilly himself charges that he was done in by “unfounded claims.”  Perhaps that’s true, but his saying so doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth.  I don’t know if...(Read Full Article)