How the Paris Climate Deal Is Resurrecting American Coal

When former President Barack Obama signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 (COP21), it was widely seen as the death knell for the beleaguered U.S. coal mining industry. But what was supposed to be Obama’s apotheosis in his pursuit of environmentalism at the expense of American jobs and competitiveness turned out to be one of the main forces that propelled Trump to November’s shock victory. With the shoe clearly on the other foot, the White House is now faced with a choice: should it stay or should it leave the agreement? To be fair, much of the hate directed at the Accord comes from the way Obama played roughshod with it. The former president made no secret of his hatred for coal country. He unashamedly admitted to as much back in 2008 during his first presidential campaign, when he vowed to bankrupt any company attempting to build a coal-powered plant by aggressively slapping it with exorbitant charges on carbon emissions. Years later, in blatant disregard of...(Read Full Article)