Politico Absolves Gorelick for Instituting the Wall

In something of a puff piece, Politico’s Annie Karni largely exonerates Democratic attorney Jamie Gorelick of the seemingly unpardonable sin of representing Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner as they work their way through federal conflict of interest laws. Karni thinks she gets it, “Gorelick sees herself as part of a time-honored Washington tradition of well-respected lawyers representing clients from the opposite party,” “I don’t pass my clients through a 100 percent values alignment litmus test,” confirms Gorelick. “If people want to come to me and get good, principled, ethical advice, and they want to follow it, then I will take them on as a client.” The first twenty paragraphs in the Politico piece deal with the “vitriol” from Democrats who are shocked at Gorelick for consorting with the Trumps. Only in the twenty-first paragraph does the reader learn that Gorelick has “long been a bête...(Read Full Article)