Draining the Swamp with Article V

The publication of Rep. Ken Buck's Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think could not be more timely.  The campaign for Buck's recommended corrective – the use of Article V, by the states, to adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) – is at a critical phase. Thirty-four state resolutions are required in order for Congress to call an Article V Amendment Convention, where the proposed language of a BBA would be drafted before being sent back to the states for ratification by three quarters of them.  For seven years, the BBA Task Force has been working in state capitols to pass such resolutions and today has 28 in hand.  The remaining target Legislatures – all under complete Republican control – are Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, and Idaho.  Vigorous campaigns to adopt BBA resolutions are underway in all of them, and there is a clear path to 34 in...(Read Full Article)