Donald Trump: A Simple Man

Liberals believe they are smarter than the rest of us.  They believe that ordinary people should have little say in politics, because the so-called intellectuals know better.  That is the essential appeal of liberalism to most of its followers.  It's nice to believe that you are smarter than everyone else. But it's not true.  That complex liberal mind, so intent on demonstrating its own superiority, has not governed well.  Based on the record of the past century, since the time of Woodrow Wilson in America and Mussolini in Europe, liberal rule has resulted in nothing but war, recession, and social division. The fundamental reason for this failure is that for liberals, with their so-called "advanced" way of thinking, life is centered on the ego.  The "I" is always attempting to outthink and overpower others, supposedly for their benefit but actually for the satisfaction of the ego.  This exclusivism and elitism of...(Read Full Article)