Breaking Up the Legal Industrial Complex

In 1918, Britain’s Hilaire Belloc published a book entitled The Free Press.  Buried within was his commentary on the two large guilds in British society, those of doctors and lawyers.  Though strong, the medical guild was no match for the legal guild, due to the latter’s administrative, legislative, executive and governing power.  And as it went in Britain, so it would go in America. Today nearly all our interactions, whether direct, or indirect, are controlled by the law, with the law controlled by lawyers.  Our law is divided into constitutional, statutory and administrative branches, with approximately 20 sub-branches.  Due to hundreds of years of mounting bureaucracy, and with the usurpation of power by the legal guild, the law and our lives have become what lawyers wish it to be. Reform of our law will never occur if lawyers remain the sole gatekeepers of it.  The chance to change this is in greater pressure on the legal guild,...(Read Full Article)