BBC, Sandy Hook Conspiracies, and Donald Trump

Before writing this piece I had no particular interest in the Sandy Hook massacre. Indeed I could hardly recall it. However, I am interested in conspiracy theories from both a political and psychological point of view. On the one hand, I'm convinced that most conspiracy theories are created to advance political goals and/or to sustain/backup pre-existing ideologies or political positions. On the other hand, inconvenient (or politically incorrect) theories are often conveniently classed as “conspiracy theories” simply because they advance something that's against the political status quo (or the government's “official narrative”). The other thing about the Sandy Hook case, and the corresponding conspiracy theories, is how they've been represented by the media -- in this case, by the BBC. To clarify, the BBC's piece (Sandy Hook to Trump: 'Help us stop conspiracy theorists') is actually more about the attempts -- of various...(Read Full Article)