Why Trump Is Failing

Make no mistake: the failure to repeal and replace ObamaCare, which President Trump had so often promised to do, was a major defeat for his administration. The beginning of his administration is when President Trump had the chance to accomplish the most. But it’s not looking that way. He has certainly tried, but is being thwarted at every turn by leftist activist judges and the RINO establishment. According to The Hill, “Trump became heavily involved in selling and negotiating the plan, holding at least 17 meetings on overhauling the healthcare system…. Those included arm-twisting sessions (in person and on Twitter) with conservative and moderate factions that opposed the plan, as well as invites to the White House bowling alley and a rare personal trip to Capitol Hill. His aides were more than eager to tout ‘The Art of the Deal’ author’s abilities to get people to come to an agreement. ‘He is the closer,’ White House press...(Read Full Article)