Why the Democrats Sit on Their Hands

President Donald Trump has spoken to Congress and the nation.  He did what Democrats and some Republicans said he could not.  He provided Americans with a positive vision and offered realistic solutions, with an overriding theme to bring people together to make America great again. It was a bravura performance.  He admitted that he hadn't been communicating well. So he stepped up and made the speech of a lifetime. Even many of his severest critics admitted that they saw someone different take charge in the midst of a world full of problems. But President Trump's triumph was far more than P.R.  If only that, he would have just done an Obama.  Toss out some sound bites.  Preen for the cameras.  Rely on the loyal commentariat to sing your praises. President Trump can never rely on the latter, however.  The media did everything it could to prevent him from being elected.  And they went all out to destroy his presidency...(Read Full Article)