The Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome

James Boswell wrote that Samuel Johnson said, “[p]atriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” When mainstream media (MSM) denizens wrap themselves in the First Amendment, one wonders if Johnson’s assertion needs to be broadened. No sooner had Trump won the 2016 election than some MSM types began claiming his criticisms of the media threatened First Amendment freedoms, a drumbeat that continues. Barely a week goes by without more evidence of the war between the MSM and Trump. Watch, for example, Trump’s comments at CPAC’s 2017 conference, in which he stated that “fake news” is “the enemy-of-the-people,” and then contrast that with how the MSM reported that facet of his speech. In MSM reports, “fake news” became “the media.” Another recent example of MSM hyperventilation about Trump is how the replacement of assistant U.S. attorneys is being treated -- as a scandal -- compared to the way the same...(Read Full Article)