The Democrats and the Left Are Pursuing a Clever Strategy

Like other opponents of the Left, I am annoyed by the obstructionist tactics engaged in by Senate Democrats and the often hysterical reaction of the media to just about anything done by President Trump. I’m also appalled by the way Democratic and Obamaite operatives in the intelligence service and in other federal agencies leak sensitive information to their buds at the Washington Post and New York Times. And I’m sick of how the anti-Trump protest demonstrators scream and vandalize; and I’ve no doubt that both former President Obama and George Soros have played significant roles in recruiting and funding the demonstrators. Finally, I’d hardly be surprised if Obama and his friends were not directly involved in wiretapping Trump Tower in the month before election. The Obama administration played dirty games of this kind even on its media critics, and it did manage to obtain (on its second try) judicial permission to tap phones in Trump Tower during October of...(Read Full Article)