Shrugging Off the Liberal 'Resistance'

American tourists in foreign countries once had the reputation of believing that if they shouted loud enough the dumb foreigner standing there with a puzzled look on his face would somehow understand what they were saying.  A stereotype that Liberals are now mindlessly acting out with the American people with their 24/7 rabid denunciations of President Trump. Some of their words make sense but simply don't compute, as when the Liberals describe President Trump as a “failed billionaire.”  The man flew everywhere in his own 757, he owned golf courses and hotels all over the world and before he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, lived in in a gold-encrusted four-story penthouse atop the gleaming skyscraper he owned overlooking Central Park. So just what does “failed” billionaire mean?   And how do I become one? But most of their stuff is shouted out in language which doesn’t mean much to the natives of Brooklyn, Peoria or...(Read Full Article)