Setting Poland on Fire

A topic pulsating under the surface of media attention concentrated on Donald Trump is the state of the European Union. American journalists largely avoid the topic because of its complexity. If they break the silence, it is usually to instruct and sermonize those members of EU who are trying to overcome half a century of communist misrule. Poland in particular seems to be a whipping boy. In American and European media one hears laments over the alleged rise of authoritarianism after the Law and Justice Party got to power in legitimate and lawful 2015 election. In a recent issue of the Atlantic, David Frum does not fail to snort at Poland and Hungary as European examples of Trumpism.  On February 16, 2017, those who lost the 2015 Polish election crafted a letter to the College of Commissioners of the European Union. They mobilized a number of NGOs not known for their familiarity with Polish affairs (sometimes not known at all) to cosign the letter. In alarmist tones, they...(Read Full Article)