School Vouchers and the GOP's Health Care Plan

The Republican House bill to replace ObamaCare has been criticized because it gives tax credits to those who cannot afford health insurance to purchase health insurance. ObamaCare used subsidies to pay for those who cannot afford health insurance. The argument is that there is no difference between tax credits and subsidies. The criticism is logical in that both credits and subsidies means that the federal government redistributes income by use of the tax code to help some buy health insurance. With a subsidy, the premium is lower; with a tax credit you receive the money to buy health insurance. But the fact that it is logical does not meant that it is a valid reason to oppose the Republican plan. The federal income tax system is based on the premise that all income is subject to definition, taxation, and redistribution by the federal government. The federal income tax system is a means to redistribute income by allowing deductions and credits for certain activities. If...(Read Full Article)