Obamacare: Snatching a ‘Win’ from Repeal Defeat

Speaker Ryan’s approach to repealing and replacing ObamaCare is said to be “three-pronged.” This seems a muddled conception, because the second prong doesn’t involve Congress. Rather, it involves Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Tom Price, who can undo a host of Obamacare regulations all by himself. This second prong shows the weakness of the “administrative state”: regulations can be undone by the next administrator. So let the deregulations pour forth. You live by the administrative state; you die by the administrative state. For Congress, there are just two prongs. The first prong is to repeal as much of the ObamaCare as possible through reconciliation, which isn’t subject to the filibuster and requires only 51 votes in the Senate. The Byrd Rule dictates that reconciliation can be used only for matters that involve the budget. Of course, the Senate might do away with the filibuster, but Republicans don’t want to do that...(Read Full Article)