No, Repealing Obamacare Won’t Kill Off Thousands of Americans

Among the most popular of the potentially looming tragedies cited by proponents of Obamacare is that thousands of Americans will die if Republicans are successful in repealing it.  David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler at the Chicago Tribune, for example, posit that “repealing Obamacare will kill” as many as 43,000 people every year due to a lack of health insurance.  Note that they don’t just suggest that 43,000 people will die as a result of the repeal.  Specifically, their argument is that Republicans, and you that may support the effort toward repeal, will kill them.  It’s hard to miss the political currency they’re aiming for with the shocking headline. Their argument is utterly insane.  There’s absolutely no way to quantify or verify the number claimed.  After all, in order for this to be remotely plausible, one would have to be able to prove that there are 43,000 people (or some number relative to...(Read Full Article)
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