Mr. President(s), Meet Frau Merkel

The latest example of the mainstream media rewriting history to damage President Trump is falsely and adversely comparing his first meetings with German chancellor Angela Merkel to former President Obama's.  Per the Washington Post, there was a "visible lack of warmth" between Trump and the chancellor during their recent White House meeting, "in sharp contrast to Merkel's warm relationship with Obama[.]"  This is a laughable distortion of history.  Merkel's relationships with both of Trump's predecessors were problematic, especially at the start, which implies that Merkel's coolness toward Trump is less his fault than Merkel's and the nature of U.S.-Germany relations on both national and personal levels.  Let's start with George W. Bush.  Merkel and Bush clashed temperamentally, in background and in policy.  Like her countrymen, Merkel saw Bush as a typical American politician, his policies...(Read Full Article)