Magic Bullet: Just Pass the Health Care Bill Obama Vetoed

Obamacare escaped assisted suicide at the hands of the so-called "united Republican government" of House speaker Paul Ryan and will now die a lingering and painful death.  The American Health Care Act (ACHA), which proves the adage of a camel being a horse designed by a committee, imploded on the launch pad, abandoned by purists left and right, making the perfect the enemy of the good. Arguing over who now owns this continuing Obamacare train wreck ignores that the American people are still tied to the tracks.  While the Democrats celebrate the survival of the health care equivalent of the Hindenburg disaster, the GOP debate whether trying to get what they could through reconciliation was the best strategy. The Democrats still own it.  The Republicans didn't fix or replace Obamacare, but they didn't break it, either.  It might have been a better strategy to repeal and replace Obamacare in one bill that would pass the House, leaving the...(Read Full Article)