Loonwatch on Sweden, Rape, and Trump's Comments

In his blog, Loonwatch's Torbjörn Jerlerup describes himself as a “liberal” and adds that he's also a “member of the [Swedish] Social Democrats”. Jerlerup seems to be the only writer for of Loonwatch who uses both his real name and allows the website to publish a picture of him. Darios and Garibaldi (Tell Mama's endlessly vicious, supercilious, and smug Nathan Lean?) do neither of these things. Anyway, we're expected to believe everything Jerlerup says about Sweden because he tells us, twice, that “I am from Sweden [I should know]”. (That's like saying that everything Saddam Hussein said about Iraq must have been true because he was born and bred in Iraq.) Torbjörn Jerlerup's piece, 'Trump, Fox News and Swedish Crime Statistics', is virtually an article-long non sequitur. Most his words are on crime and immigration in America, not Sweden. In other words, Jerlerup compares Sweden to the United...(Read Full Article)