Lies, Statistics, and Terror

This is a complete news item from the free British newspaper Metro: “ONE in three terror suspects arrested in Britain last year were [sic] white, figures show. “They totalled 91 out of 260 individuals -- 35 per cent -- of those held on terrorism-related offences, according to the Home Office. “It was the only ethnic group to show a rise, up from 25 per cent in 2015. “The sharpest fall was for those of Asian ethnic appearance, down 24 to 125.” -- (Metro, paper edition, March 10th, 2017.) Now, what conclusions do readers come to after reading the above? Give yourselves a minute before reading on... As for what I think, the above is an example one of two possible things. 1) A piece of logical imbecility. Or 2) A piece of crude propaganda. I wouldn't have commented on this until I saw the exact same thing in a few other newspapers. This lead me to conclude that it had been fed to the press either by the Home Office or directly by...(Read Full Article)