How to Resurrect the AHCA… ASAP

“Well, I thought we'd immediately turn attention to tax-reform, but House members approached me over the weekend with their fresh ideas as to how to bring this bill back to the floor, so I contacted Speaker Ryan because I think their proposed amendments are yuge.” Inasmuch as all Republicans have been damaged -- acutely and chronically -- by what didn’t occur when the AHCA was crucified on a Friday, it is necessary for cooler heads to resurrect this legislation ASAP. Instead of playing the blame game and/or awaiting the implosion of ObamaCare, it’s preferable to reformulate the latest working hypothesis and to eschew engaging in passive-aggressive behavior that arguably could satisfy short-term political goals… but could easily backfire because the forces to “fix” rather than to “replace” would potentially be nurtured. Indeed, on Friday’s Fox News Special Report, Dr. Charles Krauthammer suggested that this...(Read Full Article)