How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare ASAP

Even if the House passes The American Health Care Act [“AHCA”] next week, it must overcome what have been — falsely — portrayed as insurmountable Senatorial procedural hurdles. One circuitous method to overcome them would necessitate the Vice President  overruling the parliamentarian regarding compliance with budget reconciliation-based constraints, so that TrumpCare could include more features and adjustments to insurance mandates and other ObamaCare rules, and pass by a simple-majority. It would be preferable to alter the Senate’s arcane rules, thereby neutralizing any such constraints. From the GOP’s perspective, it is desirable to work backwards from the intended endpoint, namely, to eliminate the two major onerous components of Obamacare: the insurance mandates and the taxes. To do so, it is necessary for all Republicans to unify behind recognition that a “Phase III” in Speaker Ryan’s 3 phase approach —...(Read Full Article)