How Bad Is the Left’s Politics of Humiliation?

I suppose that the ritual of humiliation is a very big part of being human. Think of school bullies and high school mean girls. Think of Mrs. Norris dealing it out to country cousin Fanny Price in Mansfield Park. Think of show trials and the necessary indoctrination of college freshmen about the evils of whiteness. Deal out humiliation if you can, endure it if you must. But then there is the image of Jesus, the Son of God, humiliated on the Cross. What was that all about? It is obvious to me that the left has recently stepped up the humiliation offensive on their eternal enemies, the racists, the sexists, and the homophobes. That is how I interpret the judicial effort to humiliate President Trump and his effort to reduce the jihadi quotient from certain Middle Eastern nations. And the effort to humiliate Charles Murray at Middlebury College. And now the Boston Irish have been humiliated into including a gay veterans group into their St. Patrick’s Day parade. Against...(Read Full Article)