An Institution of Unreason in an Age of Renewal

Willie Sutton robbed banks because “that’s where the money is.” Connie Francis went to Florida for Spring Break because “that’s where the boys are.” And if you want to preserve American culture, you have to reform academia because that’s where bad ideas come from. Signs that something is deeply wrong with the Ivory Tower seem to be everywhere. One recent example is an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by unrepentant 1960s Students for a Democratic Society radical Todd Gitlin, entitled “Promoting Knowledge in an Age of Unreason.” Professor Gitlin, who teaches sociology and journalism at Columbia University, declares that we are in “an age of unreason,” where “political nihilism eclipses reason”; he sounds a clarion call for academics to combat a rising tide of “anti-intellectualism” by speaking out aggressively. “When reason is itself so besieged, the university cannot be...(Read Full Article)