When Trump Fired Sally Yates, He Fired a Traitor

That sounds like strong language, but what else should we call government officials who rule by fiat, replacing the laws passed by the people's representatives and the Constitution with their own personal preferences? Her own words say she refused to defend Donald Trump's executive order because she doesn't think it is "right," not because it is unconstitutional or illegal. Isn't a government where individuals impose their will on the people tyrannical?  If so, then what Yates did is a soft-power revolution aimed at denying the people their right to decide how they are to be ruled.  Yates wants a tyranny where she and her ilk tell us deplorables how we are to live and what we are to believe. Of course, Sally is following a long established liberal tradition of tyranny. The people of California overwhelmingly approved Prop. 8, which preserved the definition of marriage.  Yet the liberal governor and attorney general refused to defend...(Read Full Article)