Trump’s Push for Deregulation

On day one President Trump surprised business leaders gathered at the White House, declaring U.S. regulations “out of control” and “in need of 75% or more reduction.” A week later, he boldly signed an executive order requiring repeal of two old rules for every new one that government agencies implement. The fact is that cutting regulations is as critical as tax relief in turning the U.S. economy around. The two are the holy grail to repatriate a large part of the $2.5 trillion in offshore corporate capital, stimulate domestic investment and create jobs -- all central to “making America great again.” And it’s economic growth and broadening the tax base that can -- in the longer run -- finance rebuilding U.S. infrastructure and the military without adding to deficits and national debt. The Federal Register records regulations imposed on business. Its annual pages generally grow with every administration, with a 19% year over year increase...(Read Full Article)