Trump's Mandate: Make America Prosperous Again

Americans elected Donald Trump President of the United States because they believe he has the skills and determination to revive a stagnant economy and resuscitate the once-vaunted American jobs-creation machine. The president is issuing executive orders and formulating new legislation to fulfill his promise to slash regulations, increase America’s energy output and fund infrastructure projects. He has convinced Carrier, GM, and other companies to keep jobs in America and induced foreign enterprises Samsung and Alibaba to consider bringing jobs to the U.S. Not surprisingly, since Trump’s election optimism about the economy has soared, companies seem more willing to hire and the stock market has gained 2000 points. America’s animal spirits seem poised to spark U.S. innovation and growth. Almost half the Americans surveyed this past week think America is moving in the right direction, almost double the number of a few months ago. The president enjoys...(Read Full Article)