Trump Overseeing the Destruction of the Democrat Coalition

Back in November of 2000, the alt-right blogger Steve Sailer wrote a provocative column on how the Republican Party could achieve near-permanent electoral majorities for at least a generation. And, no, his proposal wasn't amnesty, entitlement programs, abortion for all, or lightening up on sexual ethics. The Sailer cause was simple: focus more attention on white voters, including union card-holders in the Rust Belt.  If the working class could be extricated from the grips of the left, then the GOP would be the dominant party, occupying a space similar to where Democrats were after the New Deal. Given that George Bush had just won election (by the skin of his teeth, mind), the Sailer Strategy was ignored upon release.  That wasn't surprising.  Where Democrats don't hesitate to wade into the pool of exciting racial interest, Republicans fear to tread. But times change.  With Donald Trump's improbable White House win, the Sailer Strategy...(Read Full Article)