Transgender in the Military: Still a Bad Idea

One of my first duties as a newly installed squadron executive officer was to sign the separation orders for 20 Marines.  They had been clinically diagnosed with having a "personality disorder."  After almost 17 years in the Marine Corps, I hadn't heard that term before, so I asked the legal officer standing in front of my desk to explain it and the separation process.  Also, how could 20 Marines have gotten through boot camp and infantry training, only now to be determined unfit for military service with a disqualifying "personality disorder"?  I smelled a rat. It was late 1990 in Millington, Tennessee, and the first Gulf War was about to start.  I played racquetball frequently with the naval hospital commanding officer; I got on his calendar and was brought up to speed on the psychiatry behind "personality disorders."  Like most Americans, I was aware of the Jamie Farr character, "Corporal Klinger," from...(Read Full Article)