The Wikipedia Purge

Editor’s note:   A fine piece of journalism on the takeover of Wikipedia by leftist thought police, intent on purging any availability through it of certain dangerous conservative sources. Our satirist friend Oleg Atbashian of the People’s Cube suffered banishment because the last thing leftists have is a sense of humor about themselves.  Because of his suppression, he was contacted by a journalist from a Dutch language Belgian news site in Brussels called Sceptr. That writer, Thomas Panis, produced the article below, translated into English, through the efforts of Oleg and a Dutch-speaking friend with the help of Google Translate: (note: authorship has beeen corrected) Wikipedia purges politically incorrect newspaper 'The Daily Mail' By Thomas Panis An influential group of Wikipedia editors decided last week no longer to accept the British right-wing newspaper 'The Daily Mail' as a reliable news source. The...(Read Full Article)