The Left's Once Mighty Echo Chamber Is Losing Power

The left and its echo chamber are convinced they are taking out Trump. It's their "narrative" and they actually believe their own PR. They don’t see how they have driven themselves over the edge of reason and can no longer convince others. The only people they have convinced are themselves --  of their own righteousness. And they actually believe they have succeeded. Again.    This echo chamber once held great power.  They used to be able to form "narratives," ( activist storylines to decide and interpret news), persuade the powerful, and terrorize the right.  They could make most Republicans quake just by pulling out the race card or the half dozen other narrative cards they have used for so long.  The chamber was constructed over decades. Leftist educators and pols used this Alinskyite playbook to ascend to power, and damn, they were good at using it.   One of their pols, or media stars would say something,...(Read Full Article)