Progressive Populism: Socialism’s Latest Marketing Campaign

There’s been an undeniably increased usage among leftist pundits since Trump’s election of the term “progressive populism.”  (Here, here, here…) Given the context of the times, it’s a curious marriage of words for the left, which is perhaps why their more frequent juxtaposition seems unusual.  After all, to the extent that we heard them term “populism” from the leftist propaganda machine in the last year, it was most often meant to be taken as synonymous with racism, sexism, nativism, Islamophobia, homophobia, you name it.  Particularly, they’ve employed the word to describe Trump, Brexit, and opposition to the establishment politics in France and Germany.  In other words, it had become quite clear that the current vein of “populism” represented the bane of leftists’ vision of the multi-culti fantasy and globalist governance, i.e., “progress.” Yet seemingly overnight, it has...(Read Full Article)