Patriots Must Organize to Keep Winning

Leftists always out-organizes conservatives.  They build new organizations, or they infiltrate them and take over.  But the last election shows at least that we are a majority in the country. Conservatives have crucially important ideas about schools and education; about sane and sensible environmentalism; about the crucial role of small business in building jobs; about building prosperity in welfare-poisoned neighborhoods; and lastly, about changing the culture toward ordinary wholesome health again.  We need a new constitutional coalition, and most of all, we need new and forward-looking leadership.  As Rush Limbaugh points out, Donald Trump has come along at a near-miraculous moment, with a good chance to turn things around.  But he needs our help every day he is in the Office of the President.  The GOP can be part of the new conservative coalition, but we know its weaknesses, and the same goes for every lobby and constituency that wants...(Read Full Article)