Mainstream Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome Epidemic

Donald Trump concluded his second week as President of the United States last Friday.  Prompted by virtually every utterance and action of the current President, the never-ending demonstrations and delirium of the professional activist Left as well as the Democratic Party hierarchy and much of the mainstream media and entertainment cabal has produced perhaps the most memorable and entertaining fortnight in recent American political history.   Judging by their permanent state of hysteria it appears that this assemblage of left-wing factions is unaware that there are, at a minimum, 206 weeks remaining in the Trump presidency.  Maintaining the current level of frenzy will be a formidable task. Which prompts me, as someone who observed and at times participated in the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations of the 1960’s and has been on this planet more than three score and ten years, to offer some observations and a few helpful hints. I am still...(Read Full Article)