Is There a Better Candidate for Sanctions than Iran?

If Islamist terrorism is the major issue threatening the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran comes a close second.  Its geopolitical prominence, economic and military resources, and extreme ideology make it rife for international mischief. Economically, Iran is rich with 10% of the world's oil reserves and the second largest reserves of natural gas.  It is OPEC's second largest oil producer.  Its strategic location means it borders on a number of countries, which are in easy reach.  It has the largest arsenal of ballistic missiles and the largest armed forces in the Middle East.  Ideologically, as the Islamic Republic and with more than 10% of the World's Muslims, it dominates the Shia crescent running from Syria and Lebanon to the Gulf countries. By its support of Islamic terrorism; its testing of missiles; its continuing enrichment of uranium; its involvement in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen; its extreme ideology; and its constant threat to...(Read Full Article)