Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Let’s ask the OIC

President Trump’s order to pause immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries provoked two opposite and almost equally strong reactions, the one decrying what it saw as an illegitimate move against a religion, the other welcoming a sensible breathing space while better vetting procedures are developed. But scarcely beneath the surface of this dispute was a more basic one of two diametrically opposed opinions on Islam. One sees it as a religion of peace and tolerance, primarily because most Muslims live at peace with their non-Muslim neighbors, while the other focuses on the Quran’s repeatedly commanding the faithful to attack and destroy unbelievers, and to wage jihad until the final extinction of other religions. Can so fundamental a disagreement be resolved? There is a way to do so, and we need to use it quickly.  Each of these stances has a standard response to the other. The “religion of peace” school argues that the Quran’s urging violence...(Read Full Article)