Elian Gonzalez was a Dreamer Too

The fake news that the Trump administration was “considering” using 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up illegal aliens has been thoroughly debunked by now, except in the minds of those who screech, “But, but, there was a memo!” Well, the memo, as the Independent Journal Review reported, was a DHS draft memo that was never put forward for serious consideration. Nor did it mention the figure 100,000, The hyperventilating Associated Press put the fake news out that it was an actual plan one smidgeon short of an imminent executive order. President Trump said the report was false. The Pentagon said the report was false. So just who were “considering” it? The janitorial staff after emptying the waste basket it was tossed in? ICE arrested over 700 illegals in recent operations and reported that they are doing exactly what they did under President Obama. ICE reports that some 75 percent of these illegals had criminal records. They should be...(Read Full Article)