Donald Trump Is Not a Zionist Racist

Donald J. Trump is not easy to define with exact unadorned precision. Like Shakespeare’s Cassius, he is fresh of spirit and resolve, to meet all perils very constantly. His universe is not a paradise of inner tranquility, but one of active decision-making. Lacking a fixed ideological point of view, he is neither the most determined conservative nor a confounded liberal. Some critics have suggested he may be eccentric and aggressive, and fond of flags and loyalty parades. A majority of the enlightened, elite classes who oppose him still doubt that he has the requisite qualifications to hold the highest office in the country and wonder who put him in the president’s chair. But one thing he is not and that is a “Zionist racist.” This label and characterization was recently bestowed on him by Jibtil Rajoub, deputy secretary of the Palestinian Fatah Central Committee who was repeating similar previous comments. In the same week a writer in Al-Hayat...(Read Full Article)