Donald Trump: A Man for This Season

Just four months ago, Democrats were flying high, assured of their own Party’s viability in 2017 and beyond.  Now, the Democratic left is splintered, and massive infighting will ensue to secure Party leadership and decide upon future political tactics. The problem for Democrats, according to Michael Sainato of the New York Observer, is clear.  “The Democratic establishment relies on the status quo to recoup their election losses,” he posits in his article titled “Elitist Democrats Consider Abandoning Rural America.”  “Democratic elites,” he continues, “would rather give up parts of the United States than concede political power to progressive populists.” Do Democrats court the political center and reach out to moderates, or shift harder-left to capture the populist fervor that nearly swept 74-year old socialist Bernie Sanders to the Democratic ticket?  That seems to be the pressing question facing...(Read Full Article)