Chicago Sheriff Openly Defies Federal Immigration Order

The same day that DHS issued its new guidelines regarding Immigration law enforcement, Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, IL; home of the City of Chicago, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the nation’s first Mayoral Sanctuary Policy, stated he has “no interest” in joining federal immigration efforts.  As if county sheriffs across the nation can pick and choose which federal laws they will, and will not, follow. This is nothing new for Chicago, home of the first official mayor-issued sanctuary policy. Since 1985 Chicago has openly defied federal Immigration law; an interesting trend since no other area of federal law is defied as aggressively as immigration. Cara Smith, the policy chief for Sheriff Tom Dart, stated “We have not been approached nor would we be interested in participating in this program.” Then added, “Our focus is and will remain on addressing violence in the city.” Smith’s statements were reported by the...(Read Full Article)