Chicago Sheriff Openly Defies Federal Immigration Order

The same day that DHS issued its new guidelines regarding Immigration law enforcement, Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, IL; home of the City of Chicago, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the nation’s first Mayoral Sanctuary Policy, stated he has “no interest” in joining federal immigration efforts.  As if county sheriffs across the nation can pick and choose which federal laws they will, and will not, follow.

This is nothing new for Chicago, home of the first official mayor-issued sanctuary policy. Since 1985 Chicago has openly defied federal Immigration law; an interesting trend since no other area of federal law is defied as aggressively as immigration. Cara Smith, the policy chief for Sheriff Tom Dart, stated “We have not been approached nor would we be interested in participating in this program.” Then added, “Our focus is and will remain on addressing violence in the city.” Smith’s statements were reported by the Chicago Tribune. This comment would be laughable if not for the fact that Chicago’s children are murdered at a horrendous rate on a daily basis, a trend that skyrocketed under President Obama’s reign in the White House.

The city of Chicago is entirely contained within Cook County. The county has authored some of the nation’s most outrageously illegal anti-immigration law policies. On September 30, 2003, the Cook County Commission’s Committee on Finance, led by Chairman Bill Daley (a brother of Mayor Daley) pass an ordinance declaring the Mexican “matricula consular” card a valid form of ID in Cook County. Then on March 15, 2006, Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado introduced a resolution, which passed, resolving to fight HR 4437, a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate declaring illegal immigration a felony. Then on Sept. 7, 2006 Maldonado sponsored another resolution declaring Cook County a “sanctuary county” for immigrants. Conveniently leaving out the word “illegal.” before immigrants. Then on April 30, 2007 Maldonado sponsored a resolution to declare Cook County a “Fair and Equal County for Immigrants.”

Bill Daley was Chairman of the Cook County Financial committee when they announced in 2004 that they would defy Federal law.

President Obama joined the rebellion against federal law when he sued Arizona over its state law, SB 1070, in 2012. The Chicago Public School system has also joined the movement to flout federal law: it issued memos to school principals not to allow immigration officials in schools without a warrant. It’s not surprising that given this defiance by its law enforcement and public school system, Hispanics in the city feel that they are above the law. Clearly, the battle lines have been drawn, and Chicago is the first big city to flout president Trump’s new effort to enforce existing immigration law, just as its mayor was the first to declare Chicago a sanctuary city.

The Democrat Party of the U.S. has a long history of manipulating “persons of color” going back two hundred years to the days of John Calhoun. In the 1820s, southern white slave owners began to rebel against the movement to abolish slavery, and warned that they would not respect the laws of new states which declared that slaves who traveled there would be free. This hostility toward the human rights of African Americans ultimately led to the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, but defiant Democrats refused to acknowledge equality for persons of color and fought their right to vote.

The newest group of “persons of color” is the Hispanic group. Before 1970 Hispanic numbers in the U.S. were so low that the 1970 Census did not even list “Hispanic” as an ethnic category. In 1979 Los Angeles began the movement to encourage the settlement of illegal immigrants to the city, and in 1985 Chicago became the first big city to openly proclaim, through Executive Order 85-1 issued by its Mayor Harold Washington, that residents of the city would be given city services and employment opportunities regardless of citizenship status. Of course, the power “to establish a uniform rule of naturalization” is given by the Constitution only to Congress, not to Chicago or Cook County. But in the tradition of the manipulation of minorities Chicago and other big cities started up what I have called “Racism Version 2.0” by establishing themselves as sanctuary cities for Hispanic residents.

Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and other cities have absolutely no legal authority with regard to immigration law, yet they have all flouted Federal law and sought to carve out illegal immigrants as a group over which they have absolute control. And they have placed them in highly segregated neighborhoods, just as they have herded blacks into highly segregated areas, and with the promises of benefits to single mothers, low income housing, and food stamps, confining them to lives of poverty and desperation ever since the early 1930s.

This defiance was to be expected. Chicago has spawned defiance of federal immigration law for forty years. It will be interesting to see how President Trump reacts to this. Cook County’s Sheriff Dart has definitely drawn a line in the sand, and dared Trump to do anything about it. Should Trump refuse to act and allow Chicago to defy the rule of Federal law, then other sanctuary cities will follow.

Why Chicago promotes illegal immigration and shields immigrants from federal law enforcement is not difficult to understand. It’s all about political power and money. In the 1982 gubernatorial election an FBI investigation found that over 80,000 illegal aliens illegally voted. And today each person in the state of Illinois brings in $4,000 worth of Federal block grant money. This, in addition to the DACA money, public housing, WIC food stamp program, school lunch, ESL (English as a second language) and dozens of other programs. Illinois, Cook County and the city of Chicago are now all heavily dependent on the Hispanic illegal immigrant population as a source of local, state and federal benefit dollars. It’s not just Hispanics who are illegal but other nationalities as well: Chicago has a large recently arrived Polish immigrant population as well as those from southeastern Europe who came as refugees after the Bosnian war.

The CPS system is heavily dependent upon federal dollars for its operating expenses. Nevertheless, the CPS memo to principals clearly stated its position: “To be very clear, CPS does not provide assistance to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the enforcement of federal civil immigration law.”

The Chicago Public School system has no legal authority to enforce, or deny enforcement, of Federal immigration law. Not since the Little Rock, Arkansas school system defied segregation orders in the 1950s have public schools open defied federal government law enforcement directives.

If Cook County Sheriff Dart can refuse to cooperate with federal law, why doesn’t he refuse to evict people from their homes, after their home is sold for nonpayment of property taxes? Wouldn’t that help those in need?

Among other issues, this proves that government, not big business, is behind the illegal immigration movement. Government, not big business, is openly defying Federal law enforcement DHS policy in Cook County, Illinois. 

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