Charter Schools Are No Panacea

Now that Betsy DeVos has been selected as secretary of education, it is important to consider the issue of charter schools in a reasoned and logical fashion. Parents should have the ability to choose the school they deem best for their children.  But how will this actually occur?  Will students from an inner-city school opt to go to a wealthier school district, where scores are higher and education more intense?  Will they be bused if they live too far?  Who will be paying the taxes for the additional teaching staff and materials to accommodate the students? There are mixed reviews about the success of charter schools.  They hinge on the dichotomy between charter schools and district schools.  David P. Magnani, who was the Senate chair of the Education Committee in Massachusetts, reminds readers that "most have forgotten that charter schools were created to serve as 'laboratories of change,' disseminating new ideas, not as competitors...(Read Full Article)