Behavior of Scientologists and Liberals Eerily Similar

Disconnection in Scientology is described as the organization directing members to sever all ties with family members and friends who dare criticize practices of the Church of Scientology and its dogmas, leaders, and beliefs.  Labeled "suppressive persons," these enemies of the church are isolated from their social network, labeled in public as hateful, and when the dogmas of Scientology are rejected or criticized, they're ultimately "disconnected."  "Suppressive persons" are dehumanized, categorized as evil, hateful, destructive, and the source of history's most catastrophic events. Sound familiar? Marching in rank with L. Ron Hubbard's guidance, liberals are now demanding that everyone within their bubble of experience disconnect from individuals who would dare question their ideology.  "Suppressive persons" to the new left can easily be named: Ann Coulter, Gavin McInnes, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopolous, etc....(Read Full Article)