A Federalist Solution to the Federal Bureaucracy

The federal bureaucracy exerts far too much control over the daily lives of U.S. citizens. From the ATF to the VA, federal tentacles are slowly suffocating freedom in America. Consider the power that IPAB’s (Independent Patient Advisory Boards) would have held over the lives of everyday citizens under ObamaCare. Contemplate the power that the EPA granted itself with their radical rewrite of the Clean Water Act regulations. How many coal miners lost their jobs as a direct result of the EPA’s greenhouse gas emission regulations of power plants? How many have died in car accidents as a direct result of CAFE standards cooked up by the EPA and NHTSA which require cars to be made lighter and more fuel-efficient? Every day in countless ways the federal bureaucracy exerts its soft tyranny over the citizens of this country, and their power grows with every rule and regulation they write. To add insult to injury, the federal bureaucracy became the home of some truly historical...(Read Full Article)