Warnings from the Terrorists Themselves

President-elect Donald Trump has been proven correct more than once concerning his desire to vet those wanting to emigrate from areas where terrorism is prevalent. A recently published book, Enhanced Interrogation by James E. Mitchell and Bill Harlow, shows why it is necessary for America to take strong measures to defend itself from its enemies and that the country is less safe now without them than it was before 9/11. He provides the reader with a thorough explanation of the procedures, safeguards, and the results from the interrogation program. American Thinker interviewed Dr. Mitchell about what he learned from the interrogation process. Mitchell is a psychologist who served twenty-two years in the Air Force and who helped develop the CIA’s interrogation program. He only dealt with the top-tier terrorists and has spent more time with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) than other interrogators. Readers should have their eyes opened by what KSM told Mitchell. These KSM quotes...(Read Full Article)