The Democrats are the Party of Big Money

Once-upon-a-time, the Democrat Party was the party of the “little man,” i.e., those who made up America’s lower social orders. No more. The GOP has also been a party of big money, of course, but the partisan-based class and monetary imbalance has shifted. For decades, the Democrat Party has been the party of what Angelo Codevilla called “the Ruling Class,” and it represents and reflects the interests of big money. That is probably why Wall Street’s denizens don’t take Democrats’ railing against Goldman Sachs, etc., very seriously. The last presidential campaign illustrates how the Democrat Party has the ability to outraise the GOP. It’s been estimated that Hillary Clinton raised $1.191 billion in 2016 -- slightly more than the $1.073 billion raised by Barack Obama four years ago. Donald Trump’s campaign allegedly raised $646.8 million, much less than what Mrs. Clinton raised. It isn’t just that the Democrat...(Read Full Article)