The Catholic Church You Never Heard Of

As I was growing up, I lost my faith in both God and the Church.  There are many things that made me lose my faith, among them terrible stories I heard about the Catholic Church’s past. Most of today’s pagan youth imagine people being burnt at the stake whenever they hear people talk about Catholicism.  They are wrong, but it’s not their fault.  The Church’s enemies, among them the communists, have spread lies about the history of the Church and the content of the faith. One thing they never told you, and the mainstream media simply won’t tell you, I assume, is that the Church has given us most of the important and positive things we have in Western societies.  In today’s politics, people often mention the necessity of reforming the health care system.  “People need better care,” we are told.  Nobody, though, talks about the origins of the hospitals.  Some people simply assume that...(Read Full Article)