Thanks, John Lewis. Now Go Away.

Seventy-six-year-old Congressman John Lewis once did something so heroic, so noble, that it helped to change the course of a nation for the better.  The Georgia Democrat was beaten up savagely by white Southern racists in 1965, and everyone appreciates very much his personal sacrifice to advance civil rights. But what has this radical leftist blowhard done for America lately? Like the civil rights movement he served, he has become corrupt and destructive.  He is a hateful old man who lies about his political adversaries and spews ugliness. At what point does this man, who has been dining out on his good deeds for more than a half-century, have to account for the truly awful, anti-American things he has done? To be clear, Lewis is revered by Americans of all political stripes, and rightly so, because, among other things, he helped to run the Mississippi Summer Project for voter registration back in 1964, when Democrats believed that electoral fraud was real and...(Read Full Article)